Top worst and dangerous foods you should never eat at any cost – avoid to eat

Everyone should be clear and know the foods that are healthy and unhealthy. There are lots of foods as they are advertised as healthy, but not really. Do you know that there are some of the worst offenders that are unhealthy?  They are dangerous too, if we consider them to eat because they consist the food that make this and it might be hard to avoid them.

Top bad foods to avoid – Worst foods never to eat

Caffeine content foods should be avoided

The intake of excessive caffeine leads to the increase of stress hormone cortisol. This is the major culprit of our skin and promotes the speed aging process. It makes the skin dull and thin, which calls for the wrinkles, lackluster appearance and dehydration.

Starch food are not good for health

The food prepared with the use of starch is not good for the skin,. Noodles, cakes, pastries and pasta’s etc., are the reasons for the acne problem for many people. It also turns the skin to swollen.

Sugar never ever good for health

Sugar is the most causing food product that leads to heavy weight gain due to the presence of leaches which is a precious minerals from your body. Sugar, even is detrimental to your health. It suppresses the immune system for hours and plays a significant effect on your hormones. This is reason that it can throw your body out of balance and is in a state of biochemical chaos. Your body in this state of chaos leads to disease. Sugar is actually an anti-nutrient, means that it can leach nutrients from your body. Because nutrients are removed from sugar in the refining process, that your body cannot process it. It leaches minerals from your body/ The absorbed minerals can be attached to the refined sugar molecules and makes to move the sugar through your body. It’s an anti-nutrient, and sugar causes calcium to be lost in the urine. In turn, this can be replaced by calcium from the bones that leads to osteoporosis. It means that you don’t add sugar to your meals and drinks.

Consume less salt very bad for good health

Do you guess what is the main reason of the eye puffiness! It is salt, yes! The excessive consumption of salt leads to storage of water around the eyes, because of that eye become puffy and unhealthy.

Canned foods should be avoided

Canned foods have a toxic chemical that is linked to  neurological effects, heart disease, reproductive abnormalities, diabetes, and cancer reproductive abnormalities. Canned foods are highly acidic that is similar to in nature like tomatoes. Canned foods cause BPA to leach into your food. You can switch over to glass containers or frozen foods instead of canned foods which are good for health.

Chocolates dangerous to health

Chocolates are made of full of sugar, If we eat the food which contains of the high amount of sugar, it leads to dull and wrinkle rated skin. It breaks the collagen production and elasticity, there by the skin becomes swollen and sagging.

Artificial sweeteners lead to skin problems

Artificial sugars and sweeteners, contains of many chemicals that are not good for the skin. These chemicals don’t move out fast, where they stick in the body for a long time and eventually calls for skin problems.

Avoid packed and processed food leads to nutritional deficiencies

Processed and packed food are not at all good for healthy skin and figure, while the processing period makes the living enzymes and nutrients to break and sometimes even lost. Processed food is also not recommended as there are on with nutritional deficiencies.

The nature of the packed food is with low water content, fruits or vegetables, adds hydration to the body, indeed, but when they are packed it directs for low hydration of skin, which is not good for skin health.

Microwave popcorn with full of chemicals

Microwave popcorn is rich in chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system and are a carcinogenic. They are linked to infertility, thyroid malfunction, cancerous tumors, and immunological problems. So, quite microwave popcorn instead they eat stove top or air popped popcorn. You should be careful with fast food or junk food wrapper as they contain these chemicals and can add toxic to your body which are harmful to your health.

Avoid non-organic foods that blocks healthy skin

Non-organic foods can contain hormones, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and waxes. These pesticides and fungicides dull down our motor skills which are linked to various skin diseases and unhealthy conditions. We always have to choose the nutrient based food for the building blocks of healthy skin and complexion.

Meat secret leads to imbalance hormones

Some of the industrial farming methods are indulged with the feeding of cocktail, growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. In addition to the above, they are also given with a diet that is not natural, which promotes their fast growth and fats. When we consume this meat, some amount of the components will enter our body and makes imbalance of our hormones.

Animal meat is not good for health in another case too, they don’t find the fast movement in the digestive system and may stuck sometimes. Good amounts of water and fiber helps to move the food, so take care of your fiber and water contents.

Take care about dairy products as rich in fat

We also find problems sometimes due to the dairy products, to increase the lactation and milk production animals are given with some hormones. Though the milk is boiled some amount of hormones come to us which leads to health problems.

Daily products like ice cream, yogurt, cheese, Cova etc., gives inflammation and makes the bad bacteria to stick in the body.